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Proceeds from this t-shirt will be used to donate to Paul Basagoitia's recovery fund

Photo courtesy of Ale Di Lullo
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Let's move mountains together


When I was a kid, I rode on mountain bike trails as though they were magically bestowed upon us by the Forest Gods.  Turns out that's entirely false.  When I joined the Blackstone Valley Chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA) in 2014 to get myself back into riding, I quickly discovered these magical trails are made of people's time, energy, and commitment - magic in its own right. And the people I speak of are part of one of the greatest communities I've come across.


I'm a big believer in belonging to something bigger than ourselves, as well as finding a way to do what you love.  It's always been pretty clear to me that no one is going to be paying me to ride my mountain bike, but I've found a way to join my creativity and love of mountain biking to give back to the MTB community.  


Matt Moves Mountains T-Shirts are going to be used to raise money for injured riders, and other great causes within the mountain biking community.


On top of that, my vision for Matt Moves Mountains is to join the mountain bike and local business communities, showcasing both bike-themed and home-owner-themed businesses run by the people we ride with.


What else is on the horizon for Matt Moves Mountains?

  • Sponsor local MTB events, clinics, etc.

  • Advocate for NEMBA on land use matters

  • Support the businesses of our pedaling peers

  • Design new shirts to support other riders

  • Twitter - Black Circle
  • Facebook B&W
  • Instagram - Black Circle

Stay tuned for MTB T-Shirts featuring designs by local artist Josh Reinke!

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