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Over the course of the last year, the amount (and the quality) of mountain bike video content on the internet has blown up. Twelve to eighteen months ago, you had dig to find entertaining or tutorial videos, and now there are more of both than you probably have time to watch.

One group of guys at the forefront of this movement, who I always make time to watch, are the Global Mountain Bike Network (GMBN) boys, who've embraced the many modern ways to get you content that's both entertaining and educational .. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and now.... Snapchat.

As you may know, I'm all for embracing the early Snapchat adopters in mountain biking, and these guys should definitely be on your list of braap-snaps to follow. In all honesty, they're still mostly just dicking around with the lenses and filters right now .. but who can hold that against them. You did it.

Bottom line is they manage to get themselves wherever mountain bike current events are happening, they can always help you hone your skills, and let's face it - the goofy bastards are pretty entertaining to watch.

Follow GMBN on Snapchat by adding gmbnsnaps or copying this snapcode:

If you want to see what I'm up to, check out mattmovesmtns or copy this:

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