Drunkcyclist helps you clear the gap

Did you know Drunkcyclist has a podcast?

And if so, why didn't somebody tell me??

Every Monday morning, I try to find new and exciting ways to make Monday morning... not suck. Since discovering last week that DC has their own podcast now, I've been excited play it on Monday, and fight the Monday morning blues. I've gotta say it was very effective.

For those who don't know about Drunkcyclist ... well, you're definitely not reading my obscure blog, so I simply won't address you. The rest of you know that Drunkcyclist gets one of the most important things about bikes: whether you're racing CX, doing downhill laps at the bike park, or shitkickin' around your local trails... bikes are fun. You're supposed to be having fun.

Drunkcyclist never takes itself too seriously, and I can get on board with that.

The episode I listened to interviewed Lindsey Voreis, who runs the "Ladies Allride" program to get more women involved in the sport of mountain biking (check out www.ladiesallride.com). The interview has a conversational feel to it, and naturally, a sense of humor:

Lindsey Voreis on the female bond in mountain biking

LV: Then these women see that... when you bleed together--

DC: .....uh.....

LV: Well, that came out wrong

So far, DC's got only two episodes of their own podcast, and I had a harder time finding it than my way back to the car after a bike a ride. Let me save you some time and post the link, as it's not currently hosted on podcasting services like iTunes or Stitcher. On the bright side, it's easy to download and listen to it on your shitty commute.. or workout, I guess.

You guys workout?

Where do you find the time?

I'll be looking forward to more episodes to help bridge the gap between Sunday and Saturday.

"BUI - Biking Under the Influence - The DC Podcast"


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