Snappin' and Braapin' at Leogang World Cup

Highlights from last week's race at Fort William

(Snapchat: mattmovesmtns)

This weekend brings the 4th race in this year's UCI World Cup Downhill series, set in Leogang, Austria...

Coverage on Red Bull TV has been a game changer for the sport, but Snapchat is actually a fast-growing medium for all kinds of obscure events. Unlike Red Bull TV, or even regular TV, Snapchat is kinda like a backstage pass if you know who to follow.

I've found that the quickest Snapchat adopters in mountain biking have been from the dirt jump and slopestyle scene, and they're pretty entertaining to watch. As luck would have it, Leogang is also hosting the 26trix this weekend, a dirt jump competition that claims to have one of the most challenging courses around. So dirt jumping's finest will be jumping, braaping, and snapping, which means you can check out some behind the scenes footage from both events!

So here are few riders you can follow through the weekend, and get their version of the Leogang story:

Sam Pilgrim

Whether on or off the bike, Sam Pilgrim is pure fun. As one of the riders who helped keep Martyn Ashton's "Road Bike Party" series alive, Sam likes to bike and Sam likes to party; both are captured on his Snapchat. Look for him to drop some solid coverage at all Leogang events this weekend.

Antoine Bizet

Antoine is the defending champ at 26trix. His Snapchat is often footage of him rapping in French (entertaining in its own right), but I'd expect to see front row clips of the competitor's runs at 26trix, and hopefully he sticks around for the World Cup.

Anton Thelander

Another standout name in the dirt jump world, Anton's Snapchat always has 'special guests' like Tom Van Steenbergen, Nicholi Rogatkin, and Brett Rheeder. Chances are pretty good you'll find some killer riding footage in that crowd.

Downhill 24/7

I wrote this blog post yesterday, but since then, I've found that the Snapchat account downhill247 has been posting great content from right next to the track. Everything from mountain views on the gondola to tires right in the camera's face as riders whip during practice runs. Definitely check this one out too.

Unless you're a factory rider with a plane ticket to Austria for the weekend, these guys are probably your best bet for getting close to the action at Leogang. If you're still being a stubborn ass who thinks Snapchat is a silly toy for kids...

These guys used it to document their climb to the summit of Everest.

What's up now

photo from everestnofilter on Snapchat

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